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How Wrenbridge have been #ConqueringLockdown so far

The team at Wrenbridge has been keeping busy during lockdown, and here are some of the things they have achieved so far:

  • Pre-app on Fitzroy Street, Cambridge
  • Pre-app on Abbeygate House, Cambridge
  • Pre-app on Lockton House, Cambridge
  • Planning application in on Bar Hill, Cambridge
  • Planning application in on Waltham Cross
  • Planning applications on Plots 32-34, Dartford
  • Planning application progressing on Lee Valley Ice Centre
  • Planning consent on Freightmaster, Rainham
  • Planning consent on Belvedere Gateway
  • Five separate occupier proposals in the past 2 weeks
  • Continuing safe construction at Hawkers Yard, Ruislip
  • Continuing safe construction at Plots F & G at Harlow Science Park
  • Continuing safe construction of York Community Stadium
  • Ongoing development proposals for new student accommodation in Scarborough

Although the future is very uncertain for a lot of people and a lot of businesses, we remain committed to evolving and improving despite Covid-19. Here are some of the things we will look to work towards during and after lockdown:

  • We will all become more tech savvy
  • We will change the way we work & communicate
  • We will reassess our priorities
  • We will shop differently
  • We will be more focused on climate & sustainability
  • We will all be valued more equally
  • We will change our work/life balance forever
  • We will be better